Staff & Training

Grosvenor Services will deploy a highly trained multi-skilled workforce that contributes to increase in productivity and due to their proficiency, yield significant savings for clients. The company is committed to the development of its staff at all levels within the organiza- tion. GS perceives that training is not an isolated or a one-off event, rather it is a continuous development process lasting the complete duration of each employee’s service within the company.

Our Service Pledge:

  • Contribute towards your corporate objectives of delivering a high-impact, low-cost dynamic services
  • Implement robust and sustainable solutions derived from global best practices that will result in increased assets lifetime
  • Providing a bespoke service that will be unique to you as a client and will set you apart from your competors
  • Increase overall property lifecycle and retaining asset value to maximum level
  • Deliver a hassle-free, consistently high-standard FM service across all tasks and/or services undertaken
  • Share our knowledge and expertise and be your long-term partner
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